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圆形广场 trip to Africa

全球合作 & Experiential Learning

Scots are citizens of the world.

Global awareness matters more than ever, and we are committed to helping Scots become inspired citizens of the world who lead positive change and serve others within the school community and beyond.

圆形广场 社区 服务

Turning Knowledge into Action

学生 turn knowledge into action through experiences worldwide, 文化活动, and volunteer opportunities. Through these experiences, Scots have the opportunity to learn and experience the diversity of people in South 佛罗里达, 美国, and around the world - our similarities, 我们之间的分歧, and how we are interconnected.


圆形广场 trip to Asia


As part of our commitment to bring a global emphasis to our core curriculum, Saint Andrew's School is a world member of the 圆形广场 organization. Our membership in the 圆形广场 organization takes our mission of educating students in mind, body, and spirit to a new level. 圆形广场 is a worldwide association of more than 180 schools in five continents that share a unique and ambitious commitment to personal development 和责任. 这 is achieved as students participate in community service, 交流项目, 和会议, which often take them halfway around the world.



Saint Andrew’s School is proud to offer an Immersion Program as part of our mission to educate passionate, 平衡, and confident students of character as they deep-dive into a discipline of their choosing. These immersive experiences help create life skills such as independence, 足智多谋, 弹性, 和责任. 此外, they offer our students the opportunity to take on new challenges, reach beyond their comfort zones, and follow passions while discovering new interests.


Immersion courses are typically connected to the greater curriculum, and are led by a combination of our own teachers and skilled guest instructors. Examples of Immersion courses have included Advanced First Aid certification, Culinary instruction, and even Hip Hop dance. Immersion has also encompassed domestic and international trips. 通过这个项目, students have been the beneficiaries of experiences that wouldn’t have been possible at any ordinary school.